My background.

Having graduated from Northumbria University in 2005 with a BA(Hons) degree in Media Production, I have worked freelance ever since, working on a diverse range of professional projects, including advertisements, corporate and factual videos, drama projects, short films and feature film productions, taking on a number of different roles which covers the full spectrum of the film production process.

Since 2006, I have been working as Producer, Camera Operator and Editor, to produce high quality films for both the private and public sectors, which has seen my clients use my films to launch and promote new products and services, capture events, inform their audience of new developments in their business, train staff and enhance their company profile. My ethos, is to provide a high quality video production service, incorporating the latest advancements in digital technology and professional expertise, and to deliver a tailor made broadcast quality product.

Personal specialties:

Documentary filmmaking.

Producer of Corporate promotional films.

Producer of Community based film projects.

Camera Operator.

Editor (AVID) and (Adobe Premiere).

Film Production Crew -(1st Assistant Director and 3rd Assistant Director).



Tobias Heintz. Managing Director, Pinnacle Re-Tec Ltd. – “As an engineering company with a new and exciting technical service, we are of the firm belief that “seeing is believing”. The best sales pitches are done with a live demonstration of what we do, including demonstrating the advanced tools and techniques.  However, the time of our engineers is precious and we can’t haul them to every customer meeting.  Compiling a video that shows in a condensed form what we do is ideal to reach many more people without compromising the “wow factor”.  We had a vague idea of what we wanted to show, but we had no clue how to turn that into a promotional film.  Andrew Hagan has the expertise to turn our own vision into something truly special, building it up with a storyline and making it a joint creative and enjoyable experience.  Filming was quite quick, thanks to thorough preparation that allowed us to get all team members in two different locations involved.  The editing was fast as well and within a very short time span we had a great promotional tool that we now use to set the tone in all our presentations.  It does have the “wow factor”, and get all potential customers interested quickly as all of them see something in it that catches their eye.  On top of that, it makes our website not only more informative, but also brings it up to date with some of the possibilities of the new media. Besides this, it also did a lot for morale in our own team.  It sometimes hard to see the wood for all the trees, but as everybody got to see the video, they felt some pride in what we do and have achieved so far.  All in all, I can truly recommend this tool and Andrew Hagan and his team, its money very well spent.”


Patrick Chester. Managing Director, KC Engineering Ltd – “The video of our production processes and products has helped reach new customers both online, through our website and at exhibitions where we can really get a thousand words into a short presentation to demonstrate the capability, size and range of services offered by our company.  We have received positive feedback from clients and prospects saying they were really impressed with the video and they knew we had the right capability for them to start using us as a supplier.  The video has helped us win new business and lead to more online enquiries.”


Steven Brown. Senior Projects Engineer, EJ Nelson Engineering Ltd.  – “We required a mechanism to allow us to demonstrate our unique process to new and existing customers in the field.  We also needed a sales tool to introduce the scale of support services we provide as a norm – the video allowed us to do this to great effect.  New customers have a better view of our capabilities at an early stage of discussion when first impressions are so important.  The sheer size of our products makes a video the perfect practical solution to achieve our objectives. On a whole, Andrew produced a high quality video which supports the quality of our products.”


Esen Kaya. Curator – Visual Arts, The Customs House Arts Centre – “Andrew Hagan was commissioned to produce a short film capturing the many creative elements during Customs House’s most successful community arts project; Casting Off..A Coat For A Boat! from February through to July 2009. As the project spanned across many months and involved a wide range of community individuals and groups alike, Andrew’s job was to capture the many layers of the project, depicting how and why individuals participated, from the young to the old.  This was one of the aspects he captured so beautifully. His approach to the commission clearly went beyond the ‘contractual job’ as he took the project to heart and developed his own approach and strategy in order to produce an exciting, heart warming and endearing portrayal of the community of South Tyneside.  His dedication towards the project to ensure every aspect was captured is evident in the final film.  His film became a core element to the final exhibition with resulting copies of which, have since been ordered by more than 300 people.  To date, enquires for copies of this delightful film are still being made. The Customs House Visual Arts team is keen to work with Andrew again as he has produced a memorable film which perfectly accompanied what was a memorable project and exhibition.”


Mileva Donachie. Northumberland County Council Active Northumberland – “Andrew worked with us on a complex, county-wide arts programmes that involved ten quite different schools. He totally understood the programme, rationalised his approach to capturing on film the relevant material, and he brought consistency and order to the whole process. We particularly appreciated Andrew’s sensitivity to filming participants who were involved in dance activity. He kept us updated as to progress and asked for our feedback. Plus he was always willing to make changes, if we had any. We can highly recommend Andrew and his approach.”


Steve Beharall. Development Manager & SEO, Newcastle PE & School Sport Service. – “We have used Andrew to film and record a number of our high profile competitions, events and festivals including the Newcastle Sainsbury’s School Games programme and the Schools Dance Festivals at City Hall. Andrew has always produced and edited our films to a high professional standard and always delivered on time.”


My Gear: